The Builders Group

Sponsors & Associations

TBG is Proudly Partnered with Sponsors & Associations throughout Minnesota

Residential and commercial contractors have unique needs when it comes to their workers’ compensation insurance. In order to meet those needs, 52 members came together along with 4 founding sponsors to form The Builders Group (TBG).

TBG’s 4 Founding Sponsors

Builders Association of the Twin Cities

Builders Exchange of St. Paul

Minneapolis Builders Exchange

Builders Association of Minnesota

TBG's Affiliate Sponsors

Minnesota Utility Contractors Association

Minnesota Nursery & Landscape Association

Minnesota Concrete & Masonry Contractors Association

Builders Exchange of Rochester

Associated Builders & Contractors, Inc.

As a TBG Member, the TBG Bylaws require you to be a member of one of our many sponsors and associations. Click here to use our Sponsor & Association Locator to find a sponsor or association near you by Minnesota county.

(As a condition of TBG membership, you must have and maintain your association membership annually.)